Terrorists pressure West on gay agenda: Trump or boots on the ground?

The Orlando attack is a pure strategical move by the terror networks, shaking the balance in the Western world, while putting pressure on the political establishments from Europe to the Americas.

This attack will force the political establishments in the Western nations to find a solution, and it will be either Donald Trump as US president or troops on the ground in the Arab world.
With the Orlando attack, it appears the world may be getting both, but will these be the solution needed to tackle the vast terror networks and the silent cells?
The West is still deciding whether the one man attacks are lone wolves, or agents on a mission for the terror organisation which has its headquarter in a province in Syria?
The point is, the European and American capitals are at a loss in the translation of the events, and they are nowhere near a real-time solution to the problem, while the so called Jihadist organisation knows perfectly well what it is doing.
In the end, the terror organisations – whether they are called Islamic State (which is an erroneous appellation) or others – have one thing in mind. Force the hands of their enemies.
The western world did not expect the attack on the gay club in Orlando, and this is why it actually happened.
The big question is whether the FBI and other security agencies ever thought the terrorists would dare attack a sacred element in today’s democracy, that is the gay agenda?
In the US, the FBI is still working hard on finding the degree of connection between the killer Seddique Omar Mateen and the so-called IS.
But the killing has more underlying issues, that are not raised in the global media’s or by international figures who have the chance to speak on global television stations, for example.
The fact is the killing in Orlando comes amid growing tensions rising in the United States on the issue of gay rights. Since the legalization, by the supreme court of gay marriages in the US, which was obtained with a narrow majority, the is a real legal battle that is ongoing.
Conservative politicians are waging a real battle against the legalization of gay marriages, and it is seen as a judiciary guerrilla warfare.
This is now crystallized by the issue of public toilets, and whether they can be used by transgender or not.
A dozen states, mostly led by a Republican governor, is suing the Obama administration on the issue.
In the US, the Republican party which has chosen Donald Trump as its candidate for the Presidential elections this November has focused its criticism of the Orlando attack on the ‘jihadist track’, putting aside the LGBT agenda.
The terror network under the IS has campaigned against the gay agenda in its online magazine called Dabiq, calling it the ‘homosexual deviation’.
In the January 2015 issue of the journal, the propagandists of the IS devote themselves to public contempt of “the sexual revolution that took place five decades ago in the West”, the “legalization of sodomy marriage” and the introduction of books to combat homophobia “in kindergarten” to advance the gay agenda.
The textbook is decorated with photographs of the treatment of homosexuals in the territory of the IS, describing how gays are rushed down from the top of buildings, blindfolded.
Gay and lesbians defense groups have catalogued 43 cases of public executions from videos posted online by propagandists of IS.
But some claims the IS are barbarians practising gay sex on prisoners, and handing out death sentences to the victims for allowing such sexual acts on them.
Nevertheless, the point is the IS has opened up a new frontier in its fight against the Western world.
It has attacked music festivals, failed to attack football stadiums – thus putting sports in the limelight – and has now attacked a gay club, besides its attacks on hotels and other establishments.
The widening of the frontiers is an enlargement of the conflict, and it does not make it any easier for the US, Europe, and their allies.
Soon, the Western world will have to decide. Elect Trump, who has vowed to eliminate the IS and other terror groups in the US by banning Muslims from entering the country and by sending troops – a refurbished and strengthened US army he said – to Reqaa, where the IS is holed up in its HQ.
Or scramble and fail to protect their own citizens, and their own agenda’s, which is very apparent with the IS upping the ante on their own soil.