Why Trump’s mother of all bomb confirms his dangerous isolation

By Kazi Mahmood

In a January article, Worldfuturetv.com said US President Donald Trump’s inconsistency and unpredictability would isolate him at the White House.

This month, we said he is under intense pressure from his military advisers and from the Pentagon to take bolder steps – that is take military actions – on the international front.

Well, it looks like we were absolutely right on his isolation certainly after losing the battle on ObamaCare, and failing to push for his own ‘TrumpIDon’tCare’ medical bill.

Then came the challenges he faced on the international scene, which has since then pressed him to violate his own vows of putting ‘America First’. 

And we were once again, absolutely right on the pressures borne on him to act like a commander in chief and to show America’s military might.

But this show of force only reinforces the fact that Trump, after barely 100 days in office, is increasingly isolated and is now a pawn in the military game of the Pentagon, and of the military industry lobby.

We have to remark that Trump used the military options against Syria and Afghanistan after his failure to strike a deal with Chinese President Xi Jinping, whom he tired to corrupt with a questionable deal in which China would get better trade bargains if Beijing were to crackdown on North Korea’s nuclear buildup.


Now, after the ‘successful’ launch of the three cornerstones of the new American military strategy over the globe, which is as follows:

  1. Encircling North Korea with a US military Armada ready to take actions if North Korea violates some verbal policy changes by the Trump administration
  2. Bombing Syrian President Bashar Assad’s troops and airport in a show of support for the rebels and a sign of exasperation over the failed US attempt for regime change
  3. The dropping of the Mother Of All Bombs (MOAB) – that has awed most of the free press around the world – on defenceless Afghanistan

All three actions, while they simply destroy the ‘America First’ pledge, they now put the new ‘axis of evil’ of the Trump presidency in action.

It is obvious that Trump is – by nature – a lone wolf, an isolationist who can perform at his best when he is on top of the hill watching over the rest with piercing eyes.

But the White House is a different ball game.

It does not allow a lone wolf to rummage among the kills of the night that feeds the frenzied groupies, and this is where Trump will grow even more dangerous for the world, and for America.


In the current global context, it is very dangerous for a US president to allow himself to be at the mercy of the military establishment.

The military vultures have not had their way, mostly, under the Barack Obama presidency the latter being rather unwilling to dispose of his enemies on the battle fields in South Asia and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) with boots on the ground, or even with Tomahawks.

They now have Trump on their side, or rather within their paws, a situation that will end up in a conflict in one of the three foreign policy cornerstones laid down by Trump since last week.

In future articles, we will tell how a direct confrontation against North Korea might sign the death knoll of the Trump presidency, but we think we have another three to four months before we can see realtime military actions against Pyongyang.

However, things might take a sudden turn, knowing Trump’s U-turns and reversals and topsy-turvy decision making processess.

This is where the danger of being Donal Trump might become a deadly play on the military front and a darkness might suddenly engulf the globe.


If Trump were to decide to drop a MOAB on North Korea, not only it may trigger a massive Chinese invasion of the South China Sea against all odds, it may also trigger a realignment of the political and military forces on the globe.

A solo action by the US against North Korea will definitely be condemned by the European Union and will get the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) to be weary of its American allies’ trigger happy solutions, or at least this is what we think will happen in that case.

It might also – most probably – cause another Chinese chain reaction: And that will be to enter North Korea and activate its age-old military deal with Pyongyang, a deal that the world seems to have obliterated from its memory.

The treaty, named the ‘Sino-North Korean Mutual Aid and Cooperation Friendship Treaty’ was sealed in July 1961 under the Prime Ministership of Zhou Enlai.

There is Specifically, Article 2 of the treaty that declares the two nations guarantee to adopt immediately all necessary measures to oppose any country or coalition of countries that might attack either nation.

Trump is in for a bloody mouth if he thinks North Korea is isolated and that the rest of the world will sit back in the event of another MOAB drop, or a Tomahawk attack.

Trump should also learn that despite North Korea’s successive nuclear tests, China’s policies toward its neighbor have hardly shifted, and that means Trump will get a red-fist on the face (literally speaking) if he attempts to mess with the tiny little communist brother.

And there is the Russia,Iran,China and North Korea Military Alliance.

What does that mean?

It is called the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), or Shanghai Pact, is a Eurasian political, economic, and military organisation which was founded in 2001 in Shanghai, in 2001.

It appears that Trump is living on a hill, far off from the other worlds, where he sees the signage Trump Tower but he does not know what lies beneath the horizon.

But we are living in dangerous times again, with Trump letting the military hooligans from the Pentagon encircling him and the White House with the smell of gun powder.

They are probably telling him that the world needs to feel the American brutal force, before he can put his own house in order on the Hill.

Renewed Cambodia-Laos border tensions a cause for concern

The two neighbours have previously deployed soldiers to the border areas over territorial clashes.

Laotian soldiers have reportedly started construction on a post in the disputed area along the Cambodia-Laos border last Thursday, a day after the two countries agreed to a deal to withdraw troops from the shared border until after the Khmer New Year.

According to the Stung Treng provincial military commander, the Laotian troops were gone by the same day in the afternoon. He claimed that the deployment of soldiers was due to a communication lapse on the other end of the border.

A territorial clash has been ongoing for several months between the two Southeast Asian countries.

The geopolitical tension was first brought to the spotlight when 400 Laotian soldiers reportedly went into Cambodia’s Siem Pang District on 8 February to stop military engineers from constructing a 275 km road along the shared border from Stung Treng District to Siem Pang district.

The Laotian soldiers have said that the 257 km road is an encroachment onto their country’s territory. The dispute intensified two weeks ago when soldiers from Laos attempted to stop its neighbour from building a small wooden border post in a disputed area near the border.

There were previous agreements by the two countries to prevent any construction in that area until a settlement would be reached by a joint border committee to demarcate the border boundaries.

However, approximately 40 Laotian soldiers entered the area. The following day, representatives from both countries mutually agreed to address the border issue after Khmer New Year, a three day public holiday that is based on the traditional solar New Year.

“At about 10 am, more than 30 Laotian soldiers came transporting bricks, wood and other stuff at the border in [the] same place where they prevented Cambodians,” provincial spokesman Men Kung was quoted in an online article on The Cambodia Daily.

“We have no idea why they came back again. They probably have not compromised with each other yet,” he added.

Border disputes between Cambodia and Laos is not a new phenomenon. In 2016, the construction of a Laotian military base created a backlash from the Cambodian government, who then sent soldiers to the area in response to Laotian officials threatening aggression if they were stopped from constructing the post.

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Roshni Kapur

MNC, M3Tech in pact on DTFZ e-Commerce platform

MNC CEO, Christopher Tan Chor HowMNC Wireless Bhd (MNC) and M3 Technologies (Asia) Bhd (M3Tech) have joined forces to develop an integrated payment gateway solutions and an end-to-end logistic support that will operate in the Malaysia Digital Free Trade Zone (DTFZ).

The project is a further boost for the DTFZ which was launched by Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and Alibaba Group Founder and executive chairman Jack Ma.

The DTFZ is taunted to be the world’s first such hub outside of China.

MNC, a mobile apps developer information communication technology (ICT) solutions, and M3Tech, a mobile value added services (VAS) provider, inked the deal which also comprise a business-to-business focused trading solution for manufacturers to connect with international buyers, also have and a consumer-to-consumer focused trading platform supporting smaller-scale entrepreneurs to sell through online platforms.

In a media release yesterday, it was recapped that the DFTZ has the potential to double the growth rate of Malaysian small and medium enterprises’ (SMEs) goods exports by 2025, and is estimated to support US$65 billion (RM287.95 billion) worth of goods will be moving through the DFTZ, with 60,000 direct and indirect jobs created as a result of this growth.

“The DTFZ will allow for local SMEs and entrepreneurs, to access the Asean market as it serves as the gateway, thereby allowing their products to tap wider markets,” said MNC Wireless Bhd chief executive officer Christopher Tan Chor.

Nevertheless, M3Tech general manager Kevin Ng Chen Lok said the DTFZ will encourage, especially traditional brick-and- mortar business run by SMEs, a seamless transition into the e-Commerce sphere and trade across Asean countries and the world.

In addition, online marketing platforms solutions and services will be available to merchants via an in-house online marketing platform with merchants having options to obtain greater exposure to help them stand out via pay-for-performance and display marketing advertising.

The e-Commerce deliveries will be supported by a logistic platform that offers near- to real-time information updates for both merchant and buyers to better monitor status of deliveries.

All of these will be supported by cloud computing and data management strategic partners to ensure expected massive traffic and volumes are well managed by the platform.

This article first appeared in Malay Mail’s Money section

mTouche forays in Thai media advertising landscape

mTouche Technology Bhd (mTouche), said in statement yesterday that its wholly-owned subsidiary mTouche (Thailand) Co Ltd (mTouche Thailand) entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with G.I.S. Park (Thailand) Co Ltd (G.I.S.) as its solution and technology partner.

The MoU is to jointly develop, build, install and operate the SMART4 Public Phone & Wi-Fi Hub Terminal for TOT Public Company Limited (TOT), Thailand’s stated-owned telecommunications company.

TOT is now turning most of its nationwide 180,000 old public phone booths into the SMART4 Public Phone & Wi-Fi Hub Terminals. Priority will be given to an estimated 18,000 old public phone booths located in five major areas within Bangkok city and five provinces in the northern part of Thailand.

The signing ceremony was presided by Chiang Mai Municipal Council vice chairman Photchana Srisenlapanan, who together with mTouche Technology Bhd executive director Tang Boon Koon witnessed the signing by mTouche Thailand country manager Kanarath Phrommane and G.I.S. director Kanjanakorn Teachapan.

G.I.S., the media Company who was awarded the contract by TOT, will implement this modernisation plan for a minimum of 10,000 SMART4 Public Phone & Wi-Fi Hub Terminals.

The provinces include Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phitsanulok, Lampang and Sukhothai.

The country manager of mTouche, Kanarath Phrommanee said: “G.I.S. has invited mTouche to be the solution and technology partner to jointly develop, build, install and operate the SMART4 Public Phone & Wi-Fi Hub Terminal, Display Content Management and Broadcast Platform for Physical Advertising Marketing.

“The solution includes CCTV Security Cameras with 24-hours Security Monitoring System, Wi-Fi-enabled and authentication Platform and the SERA Location Based Engagement Platform for the Digital Advertising Marketing, as well as the SERAPON mobile application for general public to access tourist information, city maps, directions and services.

However, the G.I.S. chief executive officer Pisut Engpaiboon said G.I.S. believes that the collaboration will provide mTouche the opportunity to gain into the media advertising market.

“Especially the digital advertising while G.I.S. found the synergy with mTouche, where it fits perfectly into G.I.S. strategies of expanding into the digital advertising market apart from their current physical advertising through billboards and advertising display lightbox.”

Tang said, the SMART4 Public Phone & Wi-Fi Hub Terminal of 10,000 terminals is expected to eventually generate over 20 billion bahts (RM2.6 billion) in revenue.

This will be through advertising partnerships and sponsorships for both the physical and digital advertising over the life of 8-years contract which has been signed between G.I.S. and TOT.

Through close collaboration between these two companies, mTouche endeavor it will have a positive impact on the future earnings of the Group.

“The SMART4 Public Phone & Wi-Fi Hub Terminal will be the first makeover of a traditional public phone booth into a smart public phone that embraced the latest technology within the South East Asian (SEA) and/or Asian region,” said Tang.

The SMART4 Public Phone & Wi-Fi Hub Terminals will be installed with an IP56 waterproof enclosure with a height of 2.4m that will provide Free Wi-Fi Hotspot with encryption, CCTV Security Camera, 55” High Definition LCD Digital Display, 55” Physical Display Lightbox Signage, a phone allowing free calls to all TOT fixed line, and emergency call 191 directly.

Upon the successful implementation of the SMART4 Public Phone & Wi-Fi Hub Terminal in Thailand, the similar concept will be introduced to another SEA region that mTouche has physical present which includes Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia and Hong Kong.

This infrastructure project is to create a network covering several cities with free Wi-Fi services which are part of the Thailand 4.0 initiatives.

This article first appeared in Malay Mail’s Money section.

Restoring the Reformist Mind

“Verily, We did offer the trust [of reason and volition] to the heavens, and the earth, and the mountains: but they refused to bear it because they were afraid of it. Yet man took it up – for, verily, he has always been prone to be most wicked, most foolish”. [Surah Al-Ahzab, 33:72]
Many interpreters derive various meanings from the word ‘trust’ that is connected to this verse; but perhaps the closest definition that describes the meaning of ‘trust’ – as per Muhammad Asad’s explanation in his commentary ‘The Message of the Quran’ – appears to be ‘reason’ or ‘intellect’, and ‘the faculty of volition’.
Thus, it is primarily the superiority of intellect or the force of reason that allows for that volition. And, it is this ‘reason’ and ‘intellect’ that becomes the basis to differentiate us from all other celestial beings, including the angels.
The angels were once commanded to prostrate before Adam because of the superiority of reason bestowed unto no other creation but the creatures called humans.
In this matter, Muhammad Asad, greatly influenced by the views of Imam Muhammad Abduh, clearly establishes the importance of ‘reason’ in his debate surrounding the following verse:
“And He imparted unto Adam the names of all things; then He brought them within the ken of the angels and said: “Declare unto Me the names of these [things], if what you say is true.” [Surah Al-Baqarah, 2: 31]
The term ‘ism’ (name), according to philologists, shows an expression of “imparting knowledge (about something)”. According to Muhammad Asad, in philosophical terms, it signifies the meaning of a “concept”.
The subsequent verses indicate that based on the impartation of knowledge achieved from God in the form of a “name” or concept of thinking; man is therefore, in some situations, higher in status than Angels.
“Name” is a symbolic expression of the formidability in defining an expression, the formidability in elaborating the views that form the unique characteristics of humankind and which makes it possible for them, in the words of the Qur’an, to become God’s vicegerent on earth.
It is with that, therefore, the mission and aspirations of the Islamic Renaissance Front to rejuvenate or renew Muslim thinking or in other words, to champion the superiority of reason or simply ‘the rise of reason’. Consequently, it is not an exaggeration to say that it manifests a form of rethinking and a rejuvenation of the Mu’tazilites (Rationalists) course of rationalism in the modern world Islam.
However, the question often asked is, what about ‘iman’ or faith? Is reason required to experience it? On this point, Imam Muhammad Abduh opines that faith is incomplete so long as it is not based on reason.
According to his view reason is the only source of faith. It is due to reason that Man can recognise the signs of Divine power, not through reckless confidence by merely following along.
The Challenges
Indeed, all the challenges we face now are the same challenges the past reformists faced, that is, intellectual stagnation.
And, as a result of this decline in rationalism amongst modern Muslims, we witness the decay of the Islamic world today.
To think that we were once a people proud of our great civilisation at time when the West was still in the dark ages.
We had thousands of scientists, physicists, mathematicians, chemists, astrologists, physicians and many more fields of expertise all of which were established at the House of Wisdom in the Rationalists era. But, all of that only remains recorded in the folds of history.
The Rationalists at that time believed that one of the ultimate traits of God was justice. This is as embodied in their usulul khamsah (five principles) or one of the five principles of the Rationalists’ doctrine.
And since God is just, Man must therefore possess the will to endeavour.
Man should we willing to use reason as endowed by God to differentiate between what is right and wrong and to endeavour to uphold justice.
And for the Rationalists, since God is most Just, verily, God will not respond to what is good and bad arbitrarily.
Man will receive God’s response be it the blessings of heaven or the torture of hellfire as a result of his own choices made based on his own free will.
Thus, whoever believes that God is the most Just, will witness the reality that man is the maker of his own actions.
And accordingly, he is responsible for whatever response God gives him based on his actions by his own hands.
This certainly conflicts with what has been extracted from works of the Ash’arites (Traditionalists).
For the Traditionalists, God is most Compelling; who with His strength may cast someone who is pious and just into the hellfire and place someone who is cruel and evil into the heaven.
Because that is the reality behind the power of God who is the most Compelling and the most Powerful.
But what remains clear, God in the view of the Rationalists, is a God who is Just and not a God who is a dictator; and this is the cause behind the theological problem that existed once upon a time.
And this is what we have inherited for generations.
Embodied in His Revealed Book sent down to us, i.e. the Qur’an, is the verse:
“Verily, this Qur’an shows the way to all that is most upright, and gives the believers who do good deeds the glad tiding that theirs will be a great reward” [Surah Al-Isra’, 17:9]
How Does God Interact with Us?
However, we often forget that God also speaks to us through the universe He created. Was it not in Surah al-Imran where it was stated:
“Verily, in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the succession of night and day, there are indeed messages for all who are endowed with insight, [and] who remember God when they stand, and when they sit, and when they lie down to sleep, and [thus] reflect on the creation of the heavens and the earth: “O our Sustainer! Thou hast not created [aught of] this without meaning and purpose. Limitless art Thou in Thy glory! Keep us safe, then, from suffering through fire!” [Surah Al-Imran, 3:190-191]
It was based on that, according to Imam Muhammad Abduh, someone could not possibly have faith in his God other than mobilising his mind and intellect to think about the creations of God the Almighty.
This Mu’tazilite rationalism also brought them to summarise, that God, and the firmaments of His creation, should operate in accordance with rational rules that He himself has created. It was this view that successfully brought the Muslims to direction of scientific research and to the pinnacle of scientific excellence in various dimensions.
This realm operates through a system that is determinate in as much as it is orderly, where everything functions in an organised manner, from the smallest atom; proton, neutron and electron; to the biggest planets and stars that revolve in their respective orbits.
All of them revolve in a manner that is neatly arranged by the divine natural rules.
All these natural rules are entirely pure, and many of them have mathematical properties. Water will boil at 100°C and it will freeze at 0°C.
Everything that is thrown from above will land on the ground due to the attractive force of gravity.
All of these are the natural laws of the universe created by God.
Only when we understand and study these natural laws and universal rules, it is then that we understand how a particular phenomenon occurs based on scientific knowledge, knowledge which itself originates from God Himself.
And by pursuing and equipping ourselves with such scientific knowledge, it is only then that we may spur ourselves towards shaping a new civilisation.
The Rationalists at that time were a group of people who deeply understood all these natural laws.
They studied this various wealth of knowledge from the East and the West, translated these scientific ideas and improved upon those ideas without assuming such knowledge was obtained from a people who held agnostic beliefs about God.
Due to that, they advanced in all fields of knowledge with the peak of which lead to the building of the House of Wisdom.
They were the people that held to this rational theory that everything that happens must be in accordance with the natural laws determined by God, which in modern language, would be scientific knowledge.
However, Muslims influenced by the Traditionalists’ doctrine today, assume that God who is most Compelling can do whatever that conflicts with the natural law. Because He is the God who is the most Compelling.
Thus, His power does not require Him to abide by the natural laws that He created, just as how He is empowered to cast someone pious into the hellfire or to place an evil person in heaven.
It is this kind of belief that creates so many shamans who proclaim to be able to perform all sorts of otherworldly surgeries to remove gallstones and all other kinds of spiritual surgeries.
And it is belief such as this that fan the development of various pseudosciences that only use the incantations of magical spells based on the belief that because God is the most Compelling, He may do whatever He pleases to displace the laws of nature and He doesn’t have to operate within these natural laws.
This issue of pseudoscience is but one of the problems that exists amongst Muslims impeding their ability to advance in the field of science. However, what is more severe is in the field of politics and nationalism.
What is clear is that as result of this assumption that the Qur’an is to be executed without any room to consider the created Qu’ran which with it brings the implication that the Qur’an should be viewed from the angle of historicity, that makes it possible to face compelling issues of this age including issues like fundamental human rights, democracy and pluralism.
Such rigid and literal views in understanding the Qur’an entraps Muslims in the Medinan  State concept or to use Professor Tariq Ramadan’s terminology from his book “Radical Reform”, an obsession with model rather than its underlying principles.
In fact, for us to advance and to prove that Islam is a religion suited to and in line with fundamental human rights and the modern concepts of nationhood, the religion of Islam must, therefore, be in line with sound logic.
Unless we can manage to achieve unanimity in giving reason and intellect its appropriate standing in facing the shifts of time and the various challenges of the era, we will not be able to free ourselves from the clutches and burdens of the past generation to move forward and to rebuild the glorious civilisation that has been lost.
The Solution
“Verily, God does not change men’s condition unless they change their inner selves” [Surah Al-Ra’d, 13: 11]
Muhammad Asad interprets this phrase to be an illustration to the Revelation regarding cause and effect (sunatuLlah).
This Revelation encompasses the life of the individual and the community. And makes the rise and fall of a civilisation depend on the quality of morality in humankind and on change “from within themselves”.
Accordingly, Muslims cannot expect change merely by sitting idly and praying and hoping that a miracle will happen.
They have this mistaken belief that every matter on Earth has been determined for them just as how the Traditionalists believed that our fate has been predetermined and that any effort is merely an illusion.
No matter how hard we try, what has been fated will not change. With that, Muslims will, therefore, become the most backward people and the most unproductive in their contribution to science and technology.
The earliest generation of Muslims did not idly await for the arrival of al-Mahdi to rescue and to lead them.
Due to that, we may see the renowned sociologist and historian, Ibn Khaldun in his ‘Muqaddimah’ (Prolegomena) fiercely opposed to the concept of the Mahdi (Islam’s Awaited Messiah) as well as rejecting all possibilities of such an event taking place as it serves only to make Muslims a more passive people.
Indeed, the understanding of the Qur’an shook Arabia, and freed the Muslims from the shackles of tribal conflicts.
Within the span of a few decades, the Qur’an spread its worldview across Arabian borders and gave birth to the first ever ideological community in history through its insistence on awareness and knowledge.
It enlivened amongst its followers the enthusiasm to seek knowledge and to research freely based on rationalism and the natural laws which ended with an era which captivated others in research and scientific discovery that raised the Islamic world to the highest peak of its culture.
This culture pioneered by the Rationalists penetrated middle-age European thought in many ways and through many paths.
Ultimately it sparked a revolution in the European culture which we named as Renaissance, and later the passing of time played a major role in giving rise to what is termed as the “scientific age” in which we live in at this time.
And this is what we currently hope for so that the culture of thinking and researching based on science of technology can be reignited again to return to the success and the glory of our past predecessors.



Verily, God who is Most Compelling delivered to us, His creations; the message primarily in two ways, through his Revealed Book or from the Book of the Universe.

Pressure mounts on Trump in Russia’s nuclear missiles progress

If President Donald Trump falls to the military establishment in the Pentagon’s wishes, we will soon see friction between Washington and Moscow on a thorny issue.
At this very moment, pressure is building on the White House -from the direction of the Pentagon – and directed at Russia’s so- called violation of a missile treaty signed by President Ronald Reagan and Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev.
The military is telling Trump this is a big security issue that he has to tackle very soon in order to rope in the rogue Russian government under President Vladimir Putin.
This concerns a 30-year-old treaty that bans intermediate-range missiles based on land.
The New Youk Times in an editorial today said the way the administration reacts will say a lot about how it views the threat from Russia and how this will have a profound effect on European security.
In one go, it brought Trump and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), through the Europeans into one basket of security that would go up in fire if Mr. Donald does not tick Vlad on the ‘violation’.
NYT said: “An American decision to withdraw from the treaty, known as the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, or I.N.F., would be disastrous. 
The treaty, a cornerstone of an international arms control regime that has prevented nuclear war, was signed in 1987 by President Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, the Soviet leader.
It prohibits the testing, production, and possession of ballistic and cruise missiles, with either nuclear or conventional warheads, that can travel between 500 and 5,500 kilometers. Sea-based missiles and air-launched missiles are not affected.”
However, a recent Heritage Foundation issue brief on nuclear weapons policy advocated, among other things, that the Trump administration withdraw from the 2010 New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) and 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, as well as end consideration of ratification of the 1996 Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT).
The prestigious organisation said the Americans should withdraw from the New START negotiations, for example.
But The Brookings Institution said arms control treaties are more important with nuclear powers with which America has an adversarial relationship.
“New START’s limits cap the strategic nuclear competition, and the treaty’s data exchanges, notifications, and inspections provide important information about Russian strategic forces. The U.S. military is not all that worried about the nuclear capabilities of Britain and France,” it said.
Trump has also expressed concern that the United States has “fallen behind” in its nuclear weapons capacity and that he would like to restore its supremacy.
In an interview with the Reuters news agency, Trump said he would prefer a world free of nuclear weapons but otherwise the United States should be “at the top of the pack.”
With Trump promising a nuclear arms race, and a possible intervention in North Korea against Pyongyang’s nuclear programme, it is clear the world will see a rash of events soon,
And it appears that the only leader who can put some sense in Trump’s ears is no other than Vladimir Putin himself.
Now, will Putin go all the way from Moscow to stop Trump from unleashing a nuclear weapons prolification?
Some observers believe Trump’s nuclear mumbo-jumbo is directed at both China and North Korea, and that soon he will issue decrees on how he intends to tackle these two nations on the issue.
But it is also clear the military establishment from its rabbit hole in the Pentagon and the Nato does not want Trump to stop there.
They argue that more should be done to stop Putin’s ‘blatant’ violation of the treaties pointing out his complaints about the limitations of these treaties.
Russia has indeed argued that countries like China, India and Pakistan, which have active missile programs, do not have similar constraints.
It is clear though that if Trump were to bow to the pressures, he will have to deal with Putin, the man who the Americans are saying helped him win the American Presidential elections.