Mauritius attacks liberty, freedom of expression

Dubai police threaten Mauritian Facebook star: Face deportation if you post videos on Mauritius in an attack on liberty, freedom of expression!

Mauritius has gone a step closer to a rogue regime with an amendment to the ICT Act that will hurt freedom of expression.

“The amendment reeks of dictatorial leaning”, said a commentator to WFTV. The commentator added that it will hurt ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom of expression’ badly.

She says to WFTV she is now afraid to comment against the government on Social Media.

The culture of fear however, will not curtail the rampant attacks against the regime, WFTV was told.

The government amended Article 46 of the country’s ICT Act under the Judicial and Legal Provisions Act.

The first victim of the amended act is no other than Mauritian Facebook star Shameem Onenonly.

In an interview last year, Shameem told WFTV  his Facebook posts are made to disturb the powerful people of Mauritius. It looks like he got the message through to the powerful political figures in the country.

(Translation: They can shut my mouth, but not my thoughts. Mark my words, karma will hit the one behind this. Their is only one Shameem ‘Oneonly’.)

A few days ago, the Dubai authorities barred Shameem from posting against the Mauritian authorities.

On whose behalf did the Dubai authorities act? “Surely the goverment of Mauritius,” the commentator says to WFTV.

But the Mauritian ruling party reach on the international scene will be limited. The act has no way of gettign European, or the American governments to act against Mauritians.

It is only in countries where liberty and freedom is absent, such as Dubai indeed, where the local authorities can act.

In the interview last year, Shameem told WFTV that he does not hide his disdain for the politicians in Mauritius.

But the Mauritian authorities could not act against him. They cannot block a Facebook page as Facebook would not allow that.

However, the amended act gives them some authority to attack critics. The trend is similar to Malaysia, The end result: A devastating defeat of the party that ruled the country for 60 years.

But politicians never learn the lessons.

Shameem promised that the day will come when the current regime of Pravind Jugnauth will fall.

He also promised that the p9liticians have not heard the last of him.

But he said he will comply to the demands made by Dubai authorities.

The Dubai police warns Shameem of deportation he continues his ‘attacks’ against Mauritius from foreign soil.

However, Shameem’s vidoes and comments are hilarious. They draw between 10,000 to 150,000 viewers on Facebook.

Among his most popular vidoes is one where he immitate an ex-Minister.

The ex-government strong man had said he wanted to ‘kill’ the opposition leader. He used his index to show how he will shoot the Mauritian opposition politician.

Shameem repeated the threats in several videos on Facebook, re-enacting it in the good old cowboy action shooting.

“Pew, Pew,” said Shameem and friends in the hilarious videos.

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