UN should sanction MSM-ML leaders

The leaders of the MSM-ML coalition (don’t forget the 2 Rodrigues MP’s) should get a travel ban.

A motion should be sent by the people of Mauritius to the United Nations to impose a travel ban on these leaders.

It is not an impossible task. But Mauritians should take things in their hands by acting and sending letters to the UN.

However, the reason why the MSM-ML leadership is behaving with impunity is the people is not acting.

We have opposition parties that do not know what to do. Have they forgotten that the UN, the foreign nations and the rights groups exits?

They too, the opposition parties that is, should act.

They should start with petitions – online and written – to get people to sign. More than 10,000 signatures for a written petition will cause the regime to rethink.

A successful online petition will get the UN, US, Canada, France, UK and the EU to put pressure on Mauritius.

Alas, we are facing a situation where too many people are lazy to act. This gives the MSM-ML leadership all the leisure to bully the people!

We are referring to the ICT act amendments which are clearly unconstitutional.

Nevertheless, you can go online and sign a petition: https://bit.ly/2DirDje

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