Wind of change blows at ISIS think tank

By Sang Tulis
While it is certain the head of the Institute of Strategic and International Studies Malaysia, Tan Sri Rastam Isa is set to be replaced with a Pakatan Harapan nominee, attention is now focused on his deputy, Datuk Steven Wong.
Tongues are waggling on who will replace Wong at the once prominent think tank which has now been placed under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
A source familiar with workings of the institute says the “Sword of Damocles” is hovering over Wong’s head since the Pakatan Harapan government came to power. 
She said Wong had a long association with the think tank, but little to show in terms of research output, policy briefings or spearheading any significant research initiatives. 
ISIS has been in steady decline and if the new government allows this to continue, there is little to be expected from the think tank, considering the lacklustre contribution of the top leadership,” she said.
The source added it was crucial for a complete leadership renewal at ISIS as the government needs fresh input to steer the country out of the mess created by the previous regime headed by Najib Razak.
Meanwhile, an ISIS insider was quick to point out that whoever is set to replace the top two positions must be grounded in foreign policy or must be well anchored in economics to bolster its researchers’ capabilities and be useful to policymakers.
“Steven Wong is not an economist nor is he schooled in foreign policy and international relations. With a Masters in Commerce from Australia, his research output to date barely does justice to his present position. Many others inside ISIS Malaysia see his days as being numbered.”
Drawing a direct comparison, the insider went on to say that until recently, Wong was also the head of Economics but there was little contribution from ISIS Malaysia in this area, compared to the time of the late Dr Zainal Aznam Yusoff or the late Professor Dr Ismail Salleh who was also from ISIS.
“I know morale amongst staff at all levels of ISIS is low and a clean sweep of the top leadership is paramount for ISIS to play its intended role in nation-building. The problem is that its management staff lack leadership and direction. Definitely a disappointment,” adds a senior bureaucrat based in Putrajaya.
He made reference to the head of Economics which was altered to “Economics, Trade and Regional Integration” to allow the unit to be run by a relatively junior, Firdaos Rosli. Firdaos was initially seconded from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry as Fellow but was rewarded as the Head of the division despite the lack of credentials.
Aside from manufacturing BN-centric opinion editorials criticising the Pakatan Government’s economic policy, he has little to show in terms of alternative views through policy briefings or research projects.
The fact that he only has a business degree but was promoted to such a position was also highlighted.

Zhemchug crew remembered in 104-years old Battle of Penang

Battle of Penang: Defense attaches of the Russian Embassy to Malaysia place wreaths on the monument with the national anthem of the country playing. Video by Maxim Salnikov

By Jonathan Edward

On Oct 28, 1914, the cruiser Zhemchug (Pearl) was sunk in the Battle of Penang. This was during World War 1 in a naval action that took place in the Straits of Malacca.

On Saturday, Russian diplomats in Malaysia marked the loss of 88 Russian sailors aboard the cruiser.

In the solemn ceremony, the Embassy lays a wreath in their honour at the monument. Valery Yermolov ambassador of Russia to Malaysia and a defence attaché stands by a rendition of the Russian national anthem.

“The loss of these sailors and their ship Zhemchug is a tragedy that we will continue to remember and mark with each passing year.

“Their untimely fate so far from home reminds us of the sacrifice by these young men over a hundred years ago. We will never forget them and we will continue to carry them in our memories,” he says.

Some 20 members of the Russian expatriate community attended. The ceremony was held at the Western Road Cemetery along Jalan Utama in George Town.

A brief Orthodox Church memorial service follows the wreath laying.

Penang historian Salma Khoo was present. She is the writer of “More than just Merchants” a 2006 book.

The book details the lives of the German-speaking community in colonial Malaya. It includes passages on the Battle of Penang.

“Not many Malaysians are aware of any of actions during the first World War in Malaysia. But it is a spectacular incident from that time.

“The quick and deadly raid caught the imagination of many. Certainly widely spoken about in that time. Malay fishermen were on hands, saving a number of the Russian sailors. The German ship was still firing but the fishermen bravely saves the sailors,” she said.

Khoo points out there is, in fact, two memorials – the well-known one at the cemetery and another on Pulau Jerejak. Jerejak is a small island off-Penang Island. It underwent renovations by Soviet sailors in 1972 and 1987.

“When two of the sailor’s bodies washed up on Jerejak the decision was to bury them on site. A smaller monument stands erect on the island.”

The Battle of Penang is a naval action in the Straits of Malacca, in which the German cruiser SMS Emden sank two Allied warships.

The Zhemchug and the French destroyer Mousquet lie in the waters off Penang island.

The Russian cruiser is famous for the Tsushima Sea Battle during the Russo-Japanese War in 1905. Its trip to the Penang Harbor for maintenance in early October happens to be its last.

Early on the morning of Oct 28 the German light cruiser SMS Emden, disguises with a fake smokestack.

Its appearance in the straits and penetration in the harbour was surprising, misleading Allied naval vessels on alert.

Mistaken for the British cruiser HMS Yarmouth, it opens fire.

Before the Allied forces on guard respond, a torpedo hit the Zhemchug point blank.

This was followed by a salvo of shells which crippled the ship.

Mafia teksi lapangan terbang mengamuk di KLIA?

Ini adalah surat pembaca kepada WFTV. Versi Bahasa Inggeris diterbitkan di bawah.

Sejak kekalahan rejim Barisan Nasional, ada mafia yang beroperasi di lapangan terbang KLIA nampaknya. Sekurang-kurangnya, mereka sangat aktif di KLIA1.

Bagi penumpang, ia menjadi mimpi ngeri selepas pilihan raya pada 9 Mei. Daripada mendapatkan perkara yang berfungsi lebih lancar, semuanya kembali ke mafia teksi.

Kebanyakan penumpang di luar negara tidak menyedari hakikat bahawa kereta Grab kini diletakkan di lokasi yang mustahil.

Ini menjadikan kereta Grab sukar untuk menjangkau pelanggan mereka dalam masa yang singkat.

Sesetengah pemandu Grab mencadangkan kepada penumpang yang menempah perkhidmatan mereka untuk menunggu 20 minit untuk pickup.

Driber Grab yang lain berkata mereka mempunyai ‘kawan’ yang akan membawa penumpang membawa penumpang2 ke kereta Grab mereka.

Keadaan yang kacau dibuat oleh siapa?

Pasti Kementerian Pengangkutan mempunyai tangan dalam kekacauan ini.

Dan dengan campur tangan dalam urusan itu, mereka membuka pintu gerbang untuk kembali mafia jahat ini.

Teksi diberikan semua kelonggaran dan kemudahan untuk meletak kereta di pintu keluar KLIA (exit gates).

Bukan itu sahaja. Mereka mempunyai pendirian di mana anda boleh menempah teksi di luar kawasan kawalan kastam.

Pengendali berdiri seperti jin, memerintahkan penumpang di sekeliling, dan menyerahkan mereka denda besar: Dapatkan teksi biru yang mahal dan buruk itu.

Mereka tidak akan membiarkan anda mengambil teksi merah sama sekali. Mereka keras dan bertindak seperti orang liar, kata seorang penumpang.

“Selamat datang ke Malaysia yang baru,” kata seorang lagi yang terkejut melihat kejadian ini.

Mereka berkata “teksi biru hodoh berharga RM200 ke Kuala Lumpur dan RM175 ke Ampang. Bergantung pada destinasi akhir anda.”

Sementara itu, para penumpang berpendapat mereka boleh mendapatkan Grab dengan harga RM65 ditambah RM9.

Begitu banyak untuk ‘pembaharuan’ di bawah Pakatan Harapan mengatakan sorang pengundi ini.

Tee English version of the edited letter:

Airport taxi mafia on the rampage at KLIA?

Since the death of the Barisan Nasional regime, an airport mafia seems to be operational at the KLIA airports. At least, they are so vividly in control at KLIA1.

For incoming passengers, it has been a nightmare in the aftermath of the May 9 elections. Instead of getting things to work smoother, things are back to the taxi mafia.

Most passengers outside the country are not aware of the fact that Grab cars are now parked in an impossible location.

This makes it difficult for Grab cars to reach their customers in time. Some Grab drivers suggested to passengers who booked their services to wait 20 minutes for pickup. Others said they have a ‘friend’ who will fetch the passengers to bring them to the Grab car.

A chaotic situation created by who? Surely the Ministry of Transport has a hand in this mess. And by meddling in the affair, they opened the floodgates for the return of this nefarious mafia.

The taxis are given all flexibility and facilities to park at the KLIA exits. Not only that. They have a stand where you can book the meter cabs outside the customs control area.

The stand operators are like mini-devils, ordering the passengers around, and handing them a hefty fine: Get a blue cab that costs a fortune.

They won’t let you take the red cabs altogether. They are harsh and acts like savages, said one passenger.

“Welcome to the new Malaysia,” said another one shocked to see this rip-off.

They say the “ugly blue cab costs RM200 to Kuala Lumpur and RM175 to Ampang. Depending on your final destination, it is.”

All the while, the passengers thought they could get a Grab for RM65 plus toll at RM9.

So much for ‘reforms’ under the Pakatan Harapan says the voter.

Apa rakyat mahu? Teksi buruk atau Grab moden?

An autopilot car – the future of taxi services will be through driverless cars…

Pemandu teksi yang kotor dan jahil. Apa-apa mereka buat, mereka tidak dihukum dan tidak bertanggungjawab? Atau perkhidmatan berteknologi yang murah, pekhidmatan yang didorong oleh teknologi seperti Grab? Apa rakyat mahu?

Kami percaya rakyat mahu pengangkutan yang lebih murah, lebih baik dan didorong teknologi yang disediakan oleh pemandu swasta.

Tetapi, kami juga percaya bahawa tidak lama lagi, semua ini akan jadi kenangan pada masa lalu … iaitu teksi hodoh dan kereta kotor mereka dan perkhidmatan mahal atau Grab dan sebagainya.

Itu semua akan berakhir. Sekiranya kerajaan Pakatan Harapan mengambil alih dan ubah-suai semunya.

Tetapi jika mereka terus berlotot pada masa lalu dan mereka menghabiskan terlalu banyak masa membaiki kesilapan-kesilapan kerajaan dahulu, maka mereka tidak terpulang kepada tugas itu.

PH pun tunjuk mereka tidak ada cukup solusi untuk hapuskan masalah teksi ini hingga Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Mahathir mahu letak jawatan kerana satu, dua orang jahat yang buat kecoh.

Solusi adalah dalam teknologi yang lagi tinggi dan lebih canggih daripada Grab, Mula dan semuanya.

PH menunjukkan mereka tidak tahu bagaimana mahu mengendalikannya.

Jika mereka menghukum teksi, beberapa orang kaya akan marah. Jika mereka menghukum Grab, rakyat marah.

Mereka (PH) diperas!

Itu kerana mereka tidak berfikir dengan betul kerana percaya tidak ada penyelesaian yang cukup untuk menghapuskan masalah teksi ini.

Sehingga Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Mahathir mahu meletakkan jawatan kerana satu, dua orang jahat tidak gembira.

Penyelesaiannya adalah dalam teknologi tinggi dan lebih canggih daripada Grab, Mula dan sebagainya. PH mungkin tidak akan mengucapkan terima kasih atas artikel ini. Mereka akan mengetepikannya.

Tetapi bagi mereka yang membaca, ingatlah.

Singapura dan bahagian-bahagian lain di dunia akan mula perkhidmatan teksi yang berbeza. Mereka akan gunakan teksi-sharing yang dikendalikan oleh Artificial Intelligence (memang sangat berteknologi tinggi).

Malaysia seharusnya mula melabur dalam teknologi ini.

Maksudnya syarikat teksi (koperasi jika diperlukan) yang akan mempunyai kereta tanpa pemandu dan akan melayani rakyat.

Selebihnya – teksi kotor dan lain-lain – kan menjadi sejarah. Teknologi adalah jawapannya. Grab adalah yang terbaik yang kita ada setakat ini.

Jangan memberi laluan kepada masa lalu dengan membela perkidmatan teksi, Pakatan.

The English version here:

Invest now and later benefit: That is what Pakatan should do about driverless taxis!

The dirty and rogue taxi drivers who are not punished and not held responsible? Or the modern-day, technology-driven cheaper services?

We believe the people want the cheaper, better, tech-driven transportation provided by private drivers.

We even believe that all this will be in the past…that is rogue taxis and their dirty cars and expensive services to private Grabs etc.

They will end. If only the Pakatan Harapan government takes charge of the future.

But if they keep snuggling on the past and they spend too much time repairing the ills of the Barisan Nasional government, then they are not up to the task.

PH showed they don’t have any idea how to handle this.

If they punish taxis, some rich guys will get angry. If they punish Grab, the rakyat gets angry.

They are squeezed!

That is because they are not thinking right in believing there is not enough solution to eliminate this taxi problem.

To the point that Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir wanted to resign because one, two bad guys were not happy.

The solution is in high technology and more sophisticated than Grab, Start and everything. PH will probably not say thank you for this article. They will brush it aside.

But for those who are reading, remember it.

Singapore and other parts of the world are going for shared taxi services that are run by Artificial Intelligence (very high tech indeed).

Malaysia should start investing in this. That is a taxi company (cooperative if needed) that will have driverless cars and will serve the people.

The rest will be history. Technology is the answer. Grab is the best we have so far. Don’t give way to the past, Pakatan

KL: Teksi biadap mesti dimansuhkan

Teksi biadap di Malaysia mesti dimansuhkan. Dan itu secukup mudah.

Tidak mungkin pemandu teksi menjadi orang kasar. Sebabnya mudah. Pemanduan Teksi adalah perkhidmatan untuk orang awam. Anda membuat hidup dengan memandu, jika anda baik dan ramah kepada orang, maka anda akan mendapat lebih banyak pelanggan.

Inilah asas semua perkhidmatan. Jualan anda akan meningkat jika anda baik dan mesra kepada pelanggan. Sekiranya anda tidak baik maka anda kehilangan perniagaan.

Tetapi ramai pemandu teksi di Malaysia gagal memahami prinsip ini. Mereka fikir memandu teksi ketika mereka dipanggil di Kuala Lumpur membuat mereka kuat.

Kerana mereka boleh menentukan nasib anda apabila anda berada di dalam teksi mereka, itu memberi mereka hak untuk menjadi nakal, agresif dan biadap?

Bagaimanapun, Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad menggoda perletakan jawatannya selepas sekumpulan pemandu teksi mengecamnya dan meninggalkan sesi dialog di Langkawi.

Pemandu teksi marah kerana percaya Dr Mahathir menentang larangan perkongsian, Grab.

Benar untuk mengatakan perkhidmatan Grab telah melanda komuniti teksi dengan kuat. Tetapi ada sebab yang baik untuknya: Teksi sudah lapuk!

Sama ada mereka berubah atau mereka perlu hilang. Orang ramai mahukan perkhidmatan moden seperti Grab. Kerajaan tidak mempunyai hak sama sekali untuk menghapuskan perkhidmatan panggilan berasaskan internet.

Perkhidmatan seperti Grab, Mula lebih selamat untuk orang ramai. Terdapat rekod jejak perjalanan mereka. Anda tahu anda akan disimpan dengan selamat di destinasi anda dan anda akan dapat memberitahu Grab keselamatan anda.

Teksi tetap gagal menyesuaikan diri dengan perubahan dan kemajuan teknologi. Mereka hidup dalam impian zaman kegemilangan masa lalu mereka.

Apakah penyelesaian untuk komuniti pemandu teksi?

Sertai perkhidmatan seperti sekarang, Ambil, dan lain-lain atau bersaing dengan mereka dan menjalani kehidupan yang sukar?

Atau gagal terus sebab kemajuan teknologi?

Walau apa pun, industri mesti menghentikan elemen jahat dahulu. Oleh itu, dia harus menyesuaikan diri dengan perubahan teknologi dan mengamalkan cara-cara baru dan moden dalam menjalankan perniagaan mereka. Atau hilang selamanya!

Kemunafikan pemandu teksi jahat di Kuala Lumpur adalah bahawa mereka menggunakan Whatsapp (teknologi) untuk mengancam PM.

Mereka mahu menghalang trafik di KL sehingga Dr Mahathir meletak jawatan. Pelan jahat, kemunafikan mereka mungkin menampar muka mereka sendiri…

KL: Rogue taxis must be eliminated

Rogue taxis in Malaysia has to be eliminated. Plain and simple.

There is no way a taxi driver can be a rude person. The reason is simple. Driving a taxi is a service to the nation first. You drive, you earn a living, you are nice to people, you get more customers.

This is the basis of all services. You are nice to customers, your sales shoot up. You are rogue, vile and aggressive, you lose business.

But many in Malaysia fail to understand this principle. They think driving a cab or Teksi as they are called in Kuala Lumpur makes them powerful.

Just because they can decide on your fate while you are in their cab does not give them the right to be rogue, aggressive and badass. 

Nevertheless, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad teased his retirement after a small group of cabbies heckled him and walked out of a dialogue session in Langkawi.

The cabbies were mad as they believe Dr Mahathir is opposed to banning ride-sharing service, Grab. 

True to say the Grab services has hit the taxi community hard. But there is a good reason for that: Taxis are outdated!

Either they change or they have to disappear. The public wants modern services like Grab. The government has no right at all to eliminate internet based hailing services. 

These services are more secure for people. There is a track record of their journeys. You know you will be safely deposited at your destination and you will be able to inform Grab of your safety.

The regular taxis have failed to adapt to the change and to technological advancement. They are living in the dreams of their golden era of success which is bygone.

What is the solution to the taxi drivers community?

Join services like Mula, Grab and others or compete with them and live a difficult life?

Or simply be overwhelmed by technological advancement?

Whatever it is, the industry must target the rogue elements first. Then it has to adapt to technology changes and adopt new, modern way of conducting their business. Or be gone forever!

The hypocrisy of the rogue taxi drivers in Kuala Lumpur is that they are using Whatsapp (technology) to threaten the PM.

They want to block the traffic in KL until Dr Mahathir resigns. Fat chance. Their hypocrisy will probably hit them in their face.

Anwar akan soal Cina mengapa ia membuli kaum muslimin

Presiden PKR de facto Anwar Ibrahim memberitahu Nikkei bahawa Pengkajian Asia berkata beliau akan meminta China untuk memegang minoriti Islam, dan mendesak Beijing untuk mengiktiraf hak-hak Uighur untuk agama dan kebebasan bergerak.

Anwar berkata beliau akan mendapat maklumat terkini dari Beijing mengenai penangkapan Uighur yang telah berlaku pada hari ini.

Beliau memberitahu Nikkei Asian Review dalam satu wawancara bahawa dia sebelum ini telah membuat kedudukannya mengenai isu itu dan pegawai di Beijing.

“Kebimbangan itu, tentu saja, hak mereka untuk agama [dan] pergerakan,” kata Anwar. “Kedudukan kami bukan untuk membiarkan sebarang bentuk keganasan, sama ada oleh masyarakat atau negara.”

China mempertahankan tindakan dengan komen terburuk, mengatakan bahawa umat Islam gembira dengan kehidupan yang berwarna-warni yang mereka dapat dari bar penjara.

Anwar adalah pemimpin Parti Komunis China minggu depan di Beijing di luar khutbah di Universiti Renmin China.

Perdana Menteri Dr Mahathir Mohammed baru-baru ini melepaskan 11 umat Islam Uighur Muslim dalam menentang panggilan China untuk mengekstradisi mereka ke Beijing.

Dr Mahathir berkata penahanan Uighur Cina tidak melakukan sebarang kesalahan. Mereka dihantar ke Turki, bukan China.

Mereka telah ditahan sejak Februari dan Dr Mahathir menolak permintaan China untuk menyerahkan mereka ke Beijing.

Apabila beliau menyokong langkah itu, Anwar berkata, “Sekiranya kita mendapati kes undang-undang mereka, kita mesti membantunya.”

Nikkei berkata perjalanan Anwar ke Beijing adalah untuk mengikat hubungan antara Malaysia dan China.

Dr Mahathir menggantung lebih daripada $ 20 bilion projek infrastruktur yang disokong oleh Beijing sejak penubuhannya.

China menghadapi pelbagai tanggapan di seluruh dunia. Banyak negara sama ada keluar dari Belt dan Inisiatif Jalan mereka atau membatalkan projek yang mereka anggap tidak adil kepada mereka.

China juga telah mengambil beberapa pelabuhan dan kemudahan awam lain di beberapa negara di mana ia telah melabur berjuta-juta dolar. Khabar angin adalah bahawa negara-negara boleh membayar balik pinjaman China, jadi China terpaksa mengambil alih projek-projek ini.

Anwar to question China on bullying of Muslims: Nikkei

PKR de-facto President Anwar Ibrahim told Nikkei Asian Review said he will query China on the detention of Muslim minorities, and urged Beijing to recognize ethnic Uighurs’ rights to religion and freedom of movement.

Anwar said he will likely get an update from Beijing about the mass detention of Uighur Muslims which came to light recently.

He told Nikkei Asian Review in an interview that he had in the past made known to China his position on the issue and officials in Beijing will use the occasion to explain their case.

“The concern is, of course, their rights to religion [and] movement,” said Anwar. “Our position is not to condone any form of violence, either by the society or the state.”

China has defended the actions with the worst comments indeed, saying the Muslims are happy with the colourful life they are getting from the prison bars.

Anwar is to meet Chinese Communist Party leaders next week in Beijing on the sidelines of a lecture at Renmin University of China.

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad recently freed 11 ethnic Uighur Muslims in defiance of China’s call to extradite them to Beijing.

Dr Mahathir said the detained Uighur Chinese did nothing wrong. They were sent to Turkey, instead of China.

They were in detention since February and Dr Mahathir refused requests from China to hand them over to Beijing.

When asked if he supported the move, Anwar said, “If we find their case legitimate, we should assist them.”

Nikkei said Anwar’s trip to Beijing is to mend ties between Malaysia and China.
Dr Mahathir suspended over $20 billion worth of infrastructure projects backed by Beijing since coming to power.
China is facing a series of backlash around the world. Many countries are either pulling out of its Belt and Road Initiative or cancelling projects they deem unfair to them.
China has also taken over some ports and other public amenities in several countries in which it invested millions of dollars. Rumours are the countries could not pay China back for the loans, thus China forced the take-over of these projects.

1MDB slayer to participate in governance & transparency conference

Group photo (2) – (Back Row): V. Maslamani (3rd from left) with IFCTF 2018 sponsors (from left): Peter Ong Tuck Soon (Tess International), Chan Cheong Loy (Refinitiv), Vishnu Veluri (IHSMarkit) and Jimmy Cheah (IEnterprise).  (Front Row): From left: Sandhya Nair (International Compliance Association), Natasha Ishak (Hays Malaysia) and Rafizah Abdul Rahman (Asian Banking School).

Xavier Andre Justo, the 1MDB whistleblower will be present at the upcoming 10th International Conference on Financial Crime and Terrorism Financing (IFCTF).

The organisers say the event will reveal the latest trends and how best to combat it through robust compliance procedures.

The event, which will be held on 30-31 October 2018 in Kuala Lumpur with the theme “The Rising Voice of Compliance – Towards Greater Governance and Transparency”, will explore topics on current events and new trends in these areas and practicable approaches within the realm of compliance.

A sponsorship signing on Monday reaffirms the commitment of the sponsors and supportive organisations to collectively propagate their support for this important platform which will spawn workable cross-border solutions to combat the scourge of financial crime and terrorism financing.

The 11 entities are: Lexis Nexis, Refinitiv (formerly Thomson Reuters), Asian Banking School, Dow Jones, FICO (US based Data Analytics company), HAYS Consulting, iEnterprise Online Sdn Bhd, IHS Markit (Global Market Intelligence firm), International Compliance Association (ICA), TESS International (a leading regional financial software application provider) and ACAMS (Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists).

“The success of the IFCTF is made possible with the commitment of our sponsors every year, for the last 10 years. And for this 10th IFCTF, we have lined up excellent speakers and subject matter experts from around the globe to share their views and thoughts on combatting financial crime and terrorism financing.

“We have secured over 90% participation, with over 800 delegates attending,” said Mr V Maslamani, Organising Chairman of IFCTF and the Compliance Officers’ Networking Group (CONG).

Ms Rajam Sega, Director of Operations for the Asian Institute of Finance (AIF) said,“Since its inception in 2009, we have had over 7000 delegates and this time we anticipate 1000 or more senior compliance professionals to be joining us from regional and global banks as well as other financial institutions,” 

Datuk Nor Shamsiah Mohd Yunus, Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia will deliver her keynote address on “Reshaping Malaysia’s Future – Setting the goal for greater governance and transparency”.

Raja, menteri dan rakyat tidak melampaui undang-undang: Mahathir

Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad berkata minggu lepas Malaysia kini menjadi negara yang dikawal selia oleh undang-undang. Beliau berkata tidak syak lagi: Tiada apa-apa melebihi undang-undang!

“Undang-undang Malaysia adalah pangkalan tertinggi bagi setiap warganegara untuk mematuhi kedudukannya dalam kehidupan,” katanya.

Dr Mahathir membuat kenyataan semasa mesyuarat bulanannya dengan pegawai kerajaan di Putrajaya, Malaysia.

“Tidak ada di undang-undang, bukan raja, menteri atau pegawai, dan orang-orang tidak melebihi undang-undang,” dia mengingatkan petugas.

Tun Mahathir juga mengatakan bahawa undang-undang adalah bagaimana demokrasi menghalang majoriti kezaliman, memastikan bahawa hak-hak kaum minoriti sama-sama dilindungi.

Dalam siaran langsung di Facebook, PM menyatakan bahawa kerajaan Pakatan Harapan terpaksa menukar undang-undang untuk memajukan agenda pembaharuannya.

Beliau berkata kerajaan memerlukan dua pertiga majoriti untuk menghapuskan beberapa undang-undang yang berlebihan dan memohon undang-undang baru.

Dr Mahathir mengadakan acara-acara biasa ini untuk mengingatkan kakitangan awam tentang tugas dan akibatnya jika mereka bekerjasama dengan kerajaan hari ini.

Beliau juga mengambil kesempatan untuk bercakap dengan orang ramai tentang isu-isu rasuah, penyalahgunaan undang-undang dan menjalankan tugas sivil mereka.

Pada bulan Ogos, Dr Mahathir berkata tidak akan ada pengembalian kepada monarki mutlak di Malaysia.

Tidak ada rancangan untuk memulihkan kuasa kepada Raja untuk menolak undang-undang yang diluluskan oleh Parlimen, kata Perdana Menteri di Parlimen pada bulan Ogos

“Kami adalah negara yang demokratik, di mana suara rakyat menentukan segala-galanya.

“Jadi, kami bersetuju untuk memberi Raja kedudukannya, dan Raja menyedari bahawa undang-undang itu telah diluluskan oleh orang-orang di kedua Rumah di Parlimen.

“Jika Raja diberikan kuasa mutlak untuk menolak undang-undang, itu bererti kehilangan kuasa rakyat, dan kami (pada masa itu) bukan lagi negara yang demokratik tetapi raja mutlak,” katanya ketika dia menjawab soalan tambahan yang dikemukakan oleh Datuk Seri Dr Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar (GPS-Surubong) di Parlimen pada 14 Ogos.