Life is a stage!

Finger on the lips
Books on the shelves
Untouched.. no flipping pages
Librarians no lesser than
Keepers to a deserted temple of knowledge

A solemn stage
Void of performers
Till the day
Of the performance

…swallow your applause..please

Mawar Marzuki

Don’t cry for me Malaysia: Penang born poet heads to ‘Conjurs Poetics’ in Argentina

Mawar Marzuki, a poet, misunderstood at home because no one is a prophet in her own country, is a beloved Malaysian artist on the international stage.

She is heading to Argentina to participate in all women poetic event where she will be able to express her deep love for the art of writing poems.

The event entitled “Saying goodbye to winter – receiving spring”  will perhaps become Mawar’s spring. 

The Penang born poetess – lesser known at home – is of international fame. She will be the only Malay poet who will be given the opportunity to recite her poems in both English and Malay, to the Argentinian audience.

That’s not all. Mawar is also the only poet who is not of Spanish origin, invited to the auspicious event in this great country.

The event, the Retirement CONJURS POETICS will be held in the Province of Misiones, Argentina.

The organisers are familiar with Mawar, sharing the same platform in many events on the international scene, including the World Poet Congress in Mongolia, the World Poetry day in Turkey and the International World Poetry Gala in Bristita, Romania.

“Her body of work, including poetry and translations, are very much appreciated by the international poetry circle. That is one of the reasons why Mawar is granted permission to join this event,” 

penang poet

Her body of work, including poetry and translations, are very much appreciated by the international poetry circle.

The event will be in a reserve of jungle and waterfalls with a selected group of women poets, visiting the emblematic sites, some of which are considered world heritage sites, as well as one of the wonders of the world (the Iguazu Falls).

The organisers believe the event will be fruitful for her as a lecturer because the participants include teachers and academicians and there will be a series of visit to schools and high schools in Argentina.

“Her work with respect to the event will be published in both English and Spanish Language,” said the organisers.